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Big Update

TopCV Smart Recruitment Platform

The deep applied technology platform of artificial intelligence (AI) and Recruitment Marketing brings comprehensive solutions to help businesses solve problems related to recruitment at the same time, from creating and screening profile sources to evaluating candidate and measuring performance.

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Officially released on 20/09/2021

New technology. New feature. New experience.

Ai in recruitment

The future of recruitment

AI Toppy is the “heart” of the Smart Recruitment Platform update. AI Toppy is developed by a team of talented engineers of TopCV Vietnam through the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and Machine Learning. AI Toppy has the ability to deeply analyze requirements, habits, and behaviors of recruiters and candidates, and at the same time make the most of TopCV's large data, thereby making judgments and recommendations to the recruiters about what can be done to create the best recruitment effect.

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Available features of TopCV Smart Recruitment platform

With the power of technology, TopCV Smart Recruitment Platform inherits the current efficiency and brings a completely different recruitment experience.


Suggesting by Toppy AI

Toppy AI will analyze business data, recruitment needs and candidate's job-seeking behavior to suggest activities to help employers increase recruitment efficiency.

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Recruiting Campaign

Help businesses perfect the basic structure of a recruitment round and manage the effective resources for that recruitment activity.

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Profile management feature

Help recruiters manage their candidate data warehouse fully, systematically and without data loss.

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Recruitment reporting system

Help recruiters know the exact number of applications through each round from receiving applications to going to work. At the same time, it also measures recruitment costs according to the actual value that the business has paid.

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Candidate Evaluation System

With the integration with the system, TopCV Smart Recruitment Platform helps recruiters optimize the candidate conversion rate through online tests to eliminate unsuitable candidates right at the posting step.

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Increase of recruitment efficiency through fee form.

Recruiters are completely proactive in choosing and activating the right service.

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Recruitment Service

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Post Recruitment information

  • Free & unlimited quantity
  • Easy posting, no more than 1 minute
  • Support censorship and posting in 24 hours
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Top Jobs - Job advertisement

  • Your reach of job seekers is increased by 300%
  • Job postings are displayed in prominent positions
  • Job postings are pushed to the top of job search results
  • Job vacancies are automatically matched with suitable candidates
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Mo CV ung vien bang credit

Top Credit - Top up Credit to open candidate's profile

  • Actively approach 4,000,000+ candidate profiles with more than 50% of candidates having experience of 3 years or more
  • Customize the search criteria as desired: industry, vacancy, working location, candidate personality
  • AI/Machine Learning application helps to search accurately and quickly with relevance increasing with the number of CVs searched
  • The service warranty policy with wrong information records is only available at TopCV.
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CV Scout - AI scout

  • Diversify the source of candidate profiles without having to search for them
  • Save time recruiting personnel
  • Matching rate reaches up to 40%
  • Service's commitment for profile looking for work
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CV Scout toi uu chat luong CV bang AI
Ho tro truyen thong thuong hieu

Top branding - Brand communication

  • Help businesses' brands, products, services and programs reach more than 4 million potential users on TopCV.
  • The cost is more reasonable than similar banner advertising services.
  • Support consulting, professional banner design
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Potential candidates, of which 60% are candidates with 2 years or more experience

Value when using TopCV Smart Recruitment Platform

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For Enterprises

  • Make recruitment a competitive advantage of enterprises: increasing the chances of recruiting the right people, helping to promote effective business activities, towards successful digital transformation.
  • Standardize the entire recruitment procedure uniformly and methodically with Talent Acquisition Funnel.
  • Build a reputable and professional recruitment brand.
  • Save time and costs for recruitment activities.
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For Recruiters

  • Centrally manage all activities that create efficiency for each vacancy according to the recruitment campaign.
  • Create & manage an effective source of candidates.
  • Comprehensively evaluate candidate based on specific data, helping to make accurate recruitment decisions, reducing the rate of wrong recruitment.
  • Proactively plan & optimize recruitment costs according to measurement data.
  • Have the mindset to apply technology in recruitment, handle recruitment operations quickly, intelligently, and organize effectively the work.

About us

Nhan su cua TopCV

Connecting the right people to the right jobs is a very difficult problem in Vietnam, a challenge for any recruitment platform. With the core competency of technology, especially artificial intelligence (AI), the mission of TopCV is to change the recruitment - human resources market more and more effectively.

With technology, TopCV brings comprehensive solutions to help enterprises solve problems related to recruitment at the same time, from brand promotion, process building, profile creation, screening to candidate evaluation and performance measurement.

Every day, we connect thousands of potential candidates with enterprises ranging from multinational corporations to young startups.


Giai thuong Binh chon Startup Viet 2018

Top 15 excellent Startups of the program "Vietnam Startup Vote 2018"

Su kien Google for Startups Accelerator: Southeast Asia

Top 15 Startups selected by Google to participate in Google for Startups Accelerator: Southeast Asia

Giai thuong Sao Khue 2020

Sao Khue Award 2020 in the field of Recruitment Platforms and Tools

Giai thuong Sao Khue 2021

Sao Khue Award 2021 with AI application solution in CV Scout recruitment - TopMatch.AI

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